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Gravity was ridiculed at Wizz Air Sport Arena Streetball

At 3×3 Euro Tour Wizz Air Sport Arena Streetball (www.3la3.ro) ended triumphantly with the best slam dunk contest ever organized in Romania, and one of the greates in the this year.

Porter Maberry, one of the smallest dunckers, just 1.67 meters, Alexandr Shalygin, Russian flying over everything in its path, Kristaps Dargais, Latvian sensation and Justin Darlington, the american who is undefeated for two years, defied the laws of gravity in front Parliament House.

Although Porter Maberry grabbed the most applause after the first round, surprising the world with its fabulous qualities, Justin Darlington had no rival and ended the contest when he jumped over the legendary Jorge Garbajosa, 2.07 meters tall.

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