Step Ups Exercises

The stepup is probably the most powerful exercise you can perform for the lower body. It also true that is one of the most ignored. Why? Perhaps simply because it is very elementary one: all you have to do is put your foot on step, then drive your body way up. Actually, the beauty of this training is that, concerning proper form, it is difficult to screw up, mostly when you compare it to more difficult routines, for example the squat and deadlift. That’s the basic kind of the stepup. This post will provide you with a few surprising stepup secrets that will guide you take this basketball workout exercise, and your body, to an all-new level. Give it a shot. You might just notice it’s the best routine you aren’t working on.


What are the great things about doing step ups?

  1. Cardio workouts: There’s a simple reason why step aerobics were quite popular in the ’90s; stepping up will get your heartbeat climbing. Step-ups can help you quickly melt away extra calories throughout muscular strength training sessions, so we advise you to add step-ups in between reps of ab and arm efforts to maintain your heart beat higher.
  2. Booty lift: Step-ups will have very good results on your backside. In fact, well-known trainers consider high step-ups are the best cure for one “droopy butt”. It is easy to get a chair and do a pair of high step-ups in your house. I think they are willing to lift your vibe and also your posterior.
  3. Help in increase vertical jump: If you are a basketball player, you understand jumping high are generally demanding, but strength training may help. Step-ups prepare your muscle groups for the efforts your body needs in every single match doing so many jumps. Think about step-ups as a regular part of your basketball training sessions.


  1. Stay just in front of the step, with your feet related to shoulder-width apart. Place the your arms on by your sides or on your hips; you just have to be relaxed.
  2. Step-up on top of the step with just one leg in a steady and controlled action, pushing your self up upon the step.
  3. Stop for a few moments with both feet up on the step
  4. Step down off the step with your opposite foot and after that pursue the movement with the second foot, returning to the starting point.
  5. Replicate this action, switching the leading leg each time.
  6. Repeat for a total of 10 to 20 repetitions per leg.

Safety advice
Preserve your body and back as straight as you can through the entire workout to reduce stress on the lower back and to increase the effort of the hip and legs.

Raise the work load by incorporating weight to your hands, such as a shopping bag with tinned food on the inside.

You are also able to adjust the intensity by growing your rate and getting a step of various height.

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